A utopia é possível – Revista Select 10, 01/2013


A utopia é possível

por Daniela Labra (de Barcelona)

“O mundo está se preparando para uma metamorfose dos deuses. Abandonam-se os valores e arquétipos da cultura vigente e adotam-se novas formas de vida nascidas de outra visão do mundo”. Assim começava o manifesto da Instant City, uma das proposições do VII Congresso do ICSID – International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, ocorrido em outubro de 1971 na outrora idílica ilha de Ibiza – ou Evissa. O evento foi organizado pela Agrupació de Disseny Industrial del Foment de les Arts Decoratives (ADI/FAD), baseada em Barcelona, e teve um formato revolucionário, cujo objetivo era transformar um encontro profissional convencional em um acontecimento experimental e libertário, sem precedentes na Espanha – que amargava os últimos anos da obscura ditadura de Franco.

O congresso, que durou três dias, foi inspirado pela contracultura dos anos 1960 e fazia referência ao espírito livre da época, marcado por eventos artísticos, ativistas e políticos, que reuniam multidões de jovens nascidos no pós-guerra, desejosos de um mundo mais criativo, amoroso e pacífico.

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The Brazillian experience – Puzzling Morality and the Effusive Body (part 1) @ performa magazine

Frkln cassaro
Franklin Cassaro. Festival Performance Arte Brasil, MAM RJ, 2011

The Brazillian experience – Puzzling Morality and the effusive body (part 1)

By Cristiane Bouger

When asked about her perspective on performance, the independent curator Daniela Labra stated with simultaneous confidence and perplexity: “Brazilians are performative. We deal with the body in a libertarian way, but we are also impregnated with moralisms.” The paradox raised by Labra can be identified in almost every aspect of Brazilian culture and social behavior. Nevertheless, her statement also addresses a poignant criticism to the conservatism of art institutions.

Labra has been working as a researcher and curator of performance works since 2004. In 2011 she conceived the Festival Performance Arte Brasil at the Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro–MAM RJ. The six-day festival received a grant from FUNARTE/MinC (The National Foundation for the Arts/Ministry of Culture) in the amount of approximately USD 125, 000. A curatorial team formed by professionals from different regions of the country composed the festival program, which presented the work of more than forty artists and art collectives.



Bolsas, residências, cursos

Curatorial Fellow for Diversity in the Arts

Visual Arts Department – Walker Art Center seeks applicants for their prestigious Curatorial Fellowship for Diversity in the Arts.

This two-year fellowship (starting June 2013 through June 2014) supports the Walker’s goal to encourage greater diversity within the museum field. The fellowship has been offered continually since the early 1990’s. Our fellowship alum now play prominent roles within many museums throughout the world. In our terms, diversity refers to a wide spectrum of people of color, people with disabilities, age, gender and other classifications. Qualified candidates with diverse backgrounds and/or studies are strongly encouraged to apply.  Deadline: February, 22

+ info  http://www.walkerart.org/jobs/browse/current-openings/2012/curatorial-fellow-for-diversity-in-the-arts


Telefónica I+D y LABoral lanzan la 2ª convocatoria para una residencia que desarrolle un proyecto de arte y nuevas tecnologías

‘Next Things 2013 – Next Space’ busca la producción de una propuesta referida a la apropiación del espacio público relacionada con los medios locativos

Telefónica I+D, empresa de investigación, desarrollo e innovación del Grupo Telefónica, y LABoral han lanzado la convocatoria conjunta Next Things 2013 – Next Space, el Segundo Desafío Global de Arte y Tecnología. El objetivo de este llamamiento es unir arte y tecnología, artistas y tecnologías, y dar rienda suelta al enorme potencial que entraña la mezcla de la creatividad y la visión de los artistas con las poderosas tecnologías de hardware abierto.

+ info   http://www.laboralcentrodearte.org


International Leadership Program in Visual Arts Management

Deusto Business School (University of Deusto, Spain), NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development (New York University, New York), and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain) present an International Leadership Program in Visual Arts Management.

The International Leadership Program in Visual Arts Management combines advanced business theory and techniques together with the latest concepts and global trends in visual arts management and administration to provide a rigorous, engaging educational program for experienced professionals in the visual arts or related arts fields.



PCA Summer Creative Residency – An Exchange Between Artists and Designers – June 17–July 26, 2013

Paris College of Art

14, rue Letellier, 75015 Paris France

Emerging artists are invited to consider how their practice could be developed within the structure of a six-week residency in Paris. The residency’s aim is to enhance the individual’s independent practice by providing them with the space, guidance, and resources necessary to fully investigate a defined project. Residents work from a large communal studio; in addition, they have access to the ceramics, welding, woodworking and mold-making workshops, photography studio and darkroom, printmaking facility, fashion atelier and computer lab. Visiting professional artists, designers, curators, and writers engage with residents via lectures, critiques, and workshops. Visits to museums, contemporary exhibitions and cultural spaces in and around Paris will be organized to complement and enrich residents’ creative development.



Artists Research Laboratory

CSAV – Artists Research Laboratory is a project where dialogue and exchange among artists of different generations and nationalities stand at the heart of a unique artistic and learning experience. The lab is open to fifteen young artists of all nationalities, selected among the applicants by a jury. The programme lasts twenty-four days during which the participants attend a daily workshop activity and theoretical seminars run by the invited artist, the director, the curators and guest lecturers, as well as conferences held by artists, critics and experts of other disciplines.

The 19th edition of the laboratory, titled Meaning of Things, will be held in Como from the 5th to the 29th of July 2013. American artist Matt Mullican will be leading the workshop.



Iver Jåks Artist-In-Residency Program

SDG (Sámi Center for Contemporary Art) announces the Iver Jåks Artist-In-Residency Program 2013. Named after the late Sami artist Iver Jåks, this international artist-in-residence program offers a two months residency in Karasjok, Norway.

Sámi Center of Contemporary Art

Jeagilvármadii 54 – 9730 Karasjok, Norway

Iver Jåks Artist-In-Residency Program – The residency includes accommodation, access to an artist studio, a stipend for living expenses and production costs, and travel costs covered to and fro.

Please send an application letter, an updated curriculum vitae and a selected digital portfolio (maximum 50 MB of files) to [email protected]

Applications are accepted until 23.59, GMT+1, 10th of March, 2013.

Conditions for Iver Jåks Artist-In-Residency Program 2013

1. Professional visual artists are eligible to apply for Iver Jåks Residency Program

2. Iver Jåks Residency Program offers a residency period for up to two months (minimum 1 month) in Karasjok, Norway.

3. Iver Jåks Residency Program includes a stipend of 20000 NOK, accommodation, access to studio/atelier, as well as travel expenses for the artist. The stipend covers living expenses as well as production costs. Further production costs are negotiable.

4. Available residency period for 2013 is 1st of June to 31st of October.

5. The application must include application letter, curriculum vitae and a digital portfolio. Applications are only received digitally. Send your application to [email protected]

6. Deadline is at 23.59, March 10, 2013.

7. The selection of residency artist will be carried out during March and first part of April. The results are expected to be announce by mid-April. The artistic advisory board at Sami Center for Contemporary Art will make the selection. Quality of artistic practice is the exclusive selection criteria. Choice of artist will not be motivated or justified, and cannot be questioned. Sami Center for Contemporary Art administers the residency program and is the host during the residency period.

8. The combined apartment and atelier at the Iver Jåks house in Karasjok will function as living and working space for the artist-in-residence.

9. A contract between selected artist and Sámi Center for Contemporary Art will be organized, detailing residency conditions.

10. For more information: Write to [email protected] or call +47 902



A artista Teresa Margolles entrevista Santiago Sierra, na Bomb Magazine

Santiago Sierra, Space Closed by Corrugated Metal, 2002. Installation view, Lisson Gallery, London. Courtesy of Lisson Gallery, London.

TM Do you think that current art tries to make a star out of the creator?

SS Art is conceptual entertainment. Regardless of how radical it is, it has a great penetration on the market.

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