It seems Brazil but is just Art Basel.

Art copies Life. A non-authorized party at the cozy Favela Café inside the Art Basel Fair was forced to close by the police. This fact remember us the real riots that occurs inside the favelas in Brazil each week or month since ages…

The Favela Café project was signed by artist Tadashi Kawamata and architect Christophe Scheidegger. On a Friday night, Swiss police fired rubber bullets and teargas at an artist-activist group who took over Japanese artist kind of politically uncomfortable work at Art Basel, a fully working eatery in the guise of Brasil’s ad-hoc urban areas. Art Basel had allowed the group to protest for a limited time.

A brief reflection on this let us note that the political stress of the work is just a cute lecture of Favela’s aesthetic which delight the western art world without no shame. As an art piece for a glamorous event like this one, it critique is absolutely harmless. Meanwhile when was activated as a place for non allowed parties inside the commercial big show, the project finally gains meaning.

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