Hello! I am Daniela Labra, Professor Doctor in Contemporary arts and curator. I launched in 2004 and today this is a dormant archive in performance and contemporary visual arts. Actually, with so many changes in the internet and social media, feeding a Blog just take much time and this one was hibernating.

To refresh it,  I would like to share a selection of exhibitions curated between 2006-2021, in my new portfolio.  Below there are also links to recent texts in PDF. And a link to visit ZAIT, my platform for contemporary art studies founded last year.

Please leave a message if you want to contact me. Thank you!

Daniela Labra Curatorial Portfolio resumed 2021

Recent Texts

Processual and Transcultural: the 34th São Paulo Biennial and the 11th Berlin Bienale. On Curating 45, Sept. 2020


Performance arte, arquivos críticos e fósseis rebeldes. Revista do program de pós-graduação em ciências da Informação/ Museologia. UnB, Brasilia.  Nov. 2020.

Performance e arquivos críticos Uni Brasiliapdf

Other texts

Current Educational Project (Founder)  ZAIT Plataforma de estudos em arte contemporânea IG @zait_arts


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