May 15, 2013

¨A Revoluçao não Será Televisionada¨ 10 anos

Em 2013 comemoramos 1 década da série de anti-programas de TV, ¨A Revoluçao não Será Televisionada¨, realizada com direção geral de Daniel Lima, junto com equipe formada por Fernando Coster (edição), André Montenegro (edição e produção) e Daniela Labra (pesquisa e redação). Aqui segue uma edição de 13 minutos do primeiro programa, que durava 26 minutos e foi transmitido pela UTV, em São Paulo. O título da série é uma referência ao poema homônimo de Gil Scott Heron, poeta, compositor e intérprete ativista negro norte-americano, atuante nos anos 1960-70.

May 13, 2013

Art & Mobility: Call for texts and artistic projects

For the publication of issue #55, the digital journal InterArtive will publish a special issue dedicated to diverse aspects of the current discussion about Art & Mobility. Theorists, critics, curators and artists who work on the subject are invited to participate.

Artistic practices and creativity are directly and closely linked to mobility. A great part of the art and architecture that we know would not have existed if it weren’t for the urge to travel, to discover, the need to go beyond the limits – territorial and intellectual – of the known. To reflect on mobility today means to widen the perspective, to go beyond the concepts of travel, discovery and displacement; it calls for an analysis of the social, political, economic and cultural phenomena linked to it.

Texts should be around 800 to 3000 words: Format Guidelines (pdf)
The works and art projects will be published in the form of Virtual Gallery (images and short text): Format Guidelines (pdf)
Proposals should be submitted up until July 15, 2013, by mail at: [email protected]


May 8, 2013



Theme: Self-Portrait

• Artists’ Association MUU announces an open call to artists to submit video performances to the international PERFORMANCE VOYAGE 4 event.
• The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2013!
• The premiere of the selection will take place in MUU gallery in Helsinki in 2014, after which the works will tour Europe during 2014.

Lia Chaia. Folíngua, 2004

Lia Chaia. Folíngua, 2004