The Social Artwork – obra de arte colaborativa

O projeto The Social Artwork é uma plataforma on-line aberta para todos que quiserem compartilhar ideias de trabalhos artísticos. A iniciativa expressa uma vontade de discutir de modo prático a relação autor-obra-capitalismo que acompanha o momento contemporâneo. Mais além do fato de se as obras colaborativas aqui propostas terão “qualidade” artística, este projeto provoca a repensar noções de estética e ética na era da disseminação digital da informação.

“The Social Artwork” is an experiment:

Users can propose projects and collaboratively work on them (or leave it open for others to work on it). In this way a performance piece for instance could be shown all over the world in various versions within a very short amount of time.

Therefor structure of this website is as simple as possible:

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Voting and ranking functions, such as known from most online portals are consequently avoided. It is not about having the best or the most popular idea, it’s about developing thoughts.

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